We Don't Just Blow Up Balloons..... We Create Atmosphere!

Balloon Brilliance primarily offers decorating services.  Below pricing is intended to provide you with a general idea of how we price our decor.  All of our events are individually priced with the understanding that we will strive to work within your budget and design expectations.  Our services are GUARANTEED.       If you are not satisfied  with any of your balloon decor, we will not charge you. 

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  1. Bouquets
    $7.50 - $22.00
    3 balloon w/ foil weight = $7.50 5-7 balloon w/ foil weight = $15.00 9-12 balloon w/ foil weight = $22.00 ** Designer Bouquets available at additional charge
  2. Arches
    $7.00 - $10.00 per foot
    Arches are our speciality! We offer classic spiral designs and unique speciality designs. Classic Design - $7.00 per foot Speciality Design - $10.00 per foot (Arch Sizes Range from 20-35 ft)
  3. Columns
    $7.00 - $10.00 per foot
    The possibilities are endless with balloon columns. Great for entrances and stage decor. Classic Design - $7.00 per foot Speciality Design - $10.00 per foot
  4. Centerpieces
    $15.00 - $25.00
    Looking for some added decor to spice up your event? Table pieces are a nice touch - and are uniquely designed to coordinate with your party. We offer small $15 and large $25 pieces.
  5. Sculptures
    Call for pricing
    Add some fun to your next event and have a balloon sculpture to highlight the festivities. All sculptures are uniquely designed and priced according to time and materials.
  6. Free Floats
    $1.75 per balloon Delivery Fee $10.00
    Looking to do your own event decorating? We offer free floats (balloons on a string) in solid colors and print designs to coordinate with your party decor.